Language learners and native speakers alike: Are you ready for a challenge? I’ve made a mess of my writing and need YOUR help to fix it!

There are two challenges each day – one for intermediate learners and one for advanced. The shorter, intermediate challenges contain exactly 20 MISTAKES; the advanced have even MORE. These errors vary from spelling, verb tense, punctuation – anything’s game!

Lower-level learners, try to find at least 10 errors. Is anyone up to the challenge of fixing everything? Give it your best shot; then, check your answer on the second page. If you have any questions, send me an e-mail and I’ll be happy walk you through it – the first two times are free.

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On This Day: February 7

Today is a good day for spread kind.  Sent a card to a fried, wave all the fingers at you’re neighbor (instead of the normal won), or simply hug a alcoholic (or anyone else whose suffering).  And let them to know that you’re they’re for they.  It African American Coaches Day, too, although anyone can to be a mentor.  Even kids can help struggle classmates, weather that meaning memorizing the periodic table or figured out what “e” stands four on your calculator.

Are you know that the Britain invaded American in 1964.  This no a military assault, but a musical won.  Starting with the Beatles arrived in New York on February 7 to appear on an Ed Sullivan Show.  They were mobbing at the airport by 3.000 screaming fan and there popularity exploded from their.  Like them or hate they, at last it was welcome distraction from the cold war.  Particularly troubled was the knowledge that communism has already toppled one government mere mile off U.S. Coast.  In February 7, 1962, president Kennedy issued an executive order restricted trade with Cuba, and the Cuban Missile Crisis latter that year certainly didn’t helpful.  These embargo lasted in to the 21rd century.

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On This Day: February 6

There’s Time to Talk day.  Start by paid someone a complement on social media sense Reclaim Social Day is meaning to fight online negative.  Sometimes even nice words are no as important as get to the heart of a issue, though.  Try being a little more honest no always reply “I fine” when your really knot.  You could call out “sickie” fore work (it is a most popular week to do), but that willn’t solve problems with your boss, neither.

As Marcus Aurelius wise notes long ago “Look back over a past, with it’s changing Empires that rised and falled, and you can for see the future, too.  The Chinese Ming Dynasty came to the end on February 6, 1644.  Ripped apart by corrupt and over-taxation.  When emperor Chongzhen saw enemies closing on his city and noone come to help, he hung himself.  This was also the day, on 1840, the Maori tricked in to signing a treaty that given New Zealand away to the Britain.  A few generations late, King George VI dies and Queen Elizabeth begun her long rain, again on February 6, 1952.  Learned from the mistakes of history is helping her stay in power four seventy years.

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On This Day: February 5

Is OK to let it out in February 5, national Fart Day.  Its also Dump Your Significant Jerk Day, though, so no go crazy, that could is a Disaster-Day-Level catastrophe!  Need a change of scene (or just a fresh air?  Check the whether and head to the airport four Tourism Day, two.  There’re lots to see and dew wherever you go.  Like Maghi Purnima in India Thaipusam in Thailand, and Unity Day in Burundi, or the Floating Lantern Festival on China.

Some victory take more longer than others.  Fledgling Roman Republic had to fought the Carthaginians for more then a sentry before piece finally declared on February 5, 146 bC.  And they emerged as the Mediterranean grate power.  Then there Myrlie Evers after his husband, African American civil writes leader Medgar Evans, gunned down in his own front yard on 1963, his murder, Byron De La Beckwith, was gave a sham trial and walked free.  Myrlie never gives up, though.  She continued to fighting for black rights, rised to become a NAACP’s first female chair, and was eventually convincing authority to re-open Medgar case.  On February 5 1994, Beckwith was finally convict of murder and served his least years at prison.

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On This Day: February 4

While cardiovascular disease remains the leading because of death worldwide by a incredible large margin (more than the next top fifth illness, combined.  Cancer ranks number too.  February 4 it’s World Cancer Day, so make sure your up to day on all the best prevention advise and consider donate to research.  One that’s did, cheer up buy eating ice cream fore breakfast and took your childrens to the library.  Also, no forget to thank you mailman and a local farmers.

The final straw that convincing Southern States to abandon The United States was Abraham Lincoln whining the 1860 president election.  Ironic, the delegates form Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and South, Carolina gather to have this decide on the very same day which George Washington had was electing in 1789.  As a meter of fact, Febuary 4 has, historically, a good day for major mergers.  On this day in 1922, Ford motor company buyed out Lincoln, and on 1938, disney released they’re first fully-length animating film about a group of seven dwarfs welcomed Snow White in to there clan.  Fast-forward too 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook, today this social media behemoth connected over to billions active “frends” worldwide.

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On This Day: February 3

It’s National Womans’ Heart Day, and who need man when they’re are cute animals.  Go feed a birds and snuggle up for Doggy Date Night.  Feeling knotty its also Working Naked Day.  Dogs nor dentists aren’t fans of bubblegum day, but it can to give kids a smile.  That especially important on Missing Persons Day and Number Day, that fought child abuse.  If you a patient, thank a female fisician, and if your an doctor, remember to recognize you’re patients, two.

In case you have wondering, “American Pie” Fans, these is the day the music dyed.  The song refer to a plain crash on January 3 1959, in that famous musicians Buddy Holly Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper” all perished.  Holly, for one, had just hitted #1 on the Billboard charts for him song “That’ll Be the Day” (when I dead) while the word of music floundered, live bellow the waves receiving more attention than ever, do to France oceanographer Jacques Cousteau’s memoir The Silent World.  Published exactly six years early, on 1953.  With alots of pictures, the book detailed his afforts to inventing the world first self-contained breathe device.  No only revolutionizing under water exploration, but popularize her, too.

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On This Day: February 2

You feeling optimist about Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow this Groundhog Day.  If he do, it meaning six more weeks of winter, although he only write about fourty percent of the time).  We adopted this tradition from German, where they weren’t simply content observe Candlemas the day of baby Jesus presentation.  Through out history, people have also looks to badgers, marmots, hedgehogs, our bears to forcast spring weather.  Today also honors brown dog, sled dogs, ukuleles crepes, an tater tots.

You ♡ New York City?  Over two hundreds different languages are speaked their today, that seems fiting.  The area first discovered on 1524 by a Italian explorer working for the France crown.  The Dutch arrived looking for beavers (knot groundhogs) a sentry later, and trick the natives in to sold them the iland of Manhattan four about $24.  New Amsterdam, at the south tip, was incorporating into a city on February 2, 1653.  Than, the England showed up eleven years later, demanding it all surrendered to them.  Luckily for they, governor Peter Stuyvesant is so mispopular that no one really resisted.  On these same day in 1913, grand Central Terminal opened.  Highlighting just how fare NYC has came.

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On This Day: February 1

A knew mouth means lot to celebrate.  It actually the first of the year on Vietnam, and Springtime in Ireland.  In Hawaii, your encouraged to “hula in the coola,” while another americans appreciate our spunky old broads, Freedom Day it’s also a grate way to kick off Black History month.  Worldwidth, us celebrate face and body art, hijabs, woman in sports, and reading outloud.  If you fell down, get right back up, and remember to changing your passwords regular, too.

Frustrating by the outdated, error-written reference materials of there day, Londons’ Philological Society began work on they’re own dictionary on 1857.  Despite initial estimates of ten years and for volumes, the first portion of A Knew English Dictionary on Historical Principles – today knowed as Oxford English dictionary – weren’t published until February 1 1884.  Complete the final, 125nd, printing would take nearly four and a halve decades mooor!  Out of more then 400.000 terms, “set” constituted the most longest single entry, with over 430 used.  The OED was converted to an electric version in 1984.  And is currently in the process of being updating for it’s three edition.  Thats god, because a complete printed collect today would way over 137 pound! 

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On This Day: January 31

February almost hear, with it’s promise to warmer weather, but we have to  survive Hell It’s Freezing Over day first.  Start with a mug of hot chocolate before climb into an gorilla or zebra suite – I’ve herd they get pretty toasty.  You send your out to have it cleaned, that’s unfortunately, but may be some artistic inspiration can lit a fire in your heart, instead.  Hug a economist, too, and start planing for your next vacation someone much, much warm.

If we being honest, Soviet Union clearly dominates through out most of the Space race.  Sputnik was launched on 1957, where as America first satellite, Explorer I, no ready until January 31 1958.  That not to say which the United States didnt won some major points, however, ten weeks before Yuri Gagarin become the first human to space, Ham the “Astrochimp” claimed the honor by first app, also on January 31, 1961.  He made it back to earth in one peace, to unlike pour Laika the Space Dog.  Alan Shepard had just a few months behind them as the first America in orbit.  Exactly ten year after Hams’ adventure.  He also became the fivth man to walk to the moon.

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On This Day: January 30

Martyrs’ Day honor Mahatma Gandhi at the day of him assassination ever January 30.  Having reminded that live is shorts, National Escape day  encourages us to say no to status quo.  Leave a inane message on you’re answering machine forget the diet, and pick down some fresh croissants fore break fast.  Drew some dinosaurs, and are appreciate the simple joys of poping bubble wrap.  You could even to try to yodeling for you neighbors, as long as they willn’t call the cops.

After the lifetime dedicating to peaceful protesting european colonization in South African and her native India, Mohandas Gandhi – granted the title Mahatma or great soul” were overjoyed when Britain finally agree to leave in 1947.  Many disappointed, however, by the decide to divide Hindu Indian and Muslim Pakistan in to too separate nations.  Religious violent soon breaked out.  And the Mahatma is scrambling to calm both side.  Nathuram Godse, a Hindu extremist, was tried of hearing about tolerance and piece, though.  He wanted blood, and on January 30, 1948, he get it.  Steping out of a crowd to shot the great leader.  Gandhi dyed, but not in vane, as the shock of his dead finally bringed end to the fight.


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