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All editing challenges are adapted from (2022). Check out their site for more fun historical trivia!

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On This Day: October 6

John and Simeon Reno invented a knew typo crime on October 6 1866 when he staged the first moving train robber.  Trains have been looted be fore this.  Sitting at the stations or leaved unguarded on freight yards, but the Reno Brothers genius was to held up railroad passengers in middle of now here, so they can take they’re time and no have to worried about the police showed up.  The idea was starting in indiana, but soon taked off through out West, where large somes of cash regular traveled both way a long the new transcontinental railroads?  Infamous Butch Cassidy and his gang becamed especially famous for this kind of thieves, that has romanticized in movies even sense.

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On This Day: October 5

Dave Kunst becamed the first people to walk all a way around the word (and have it independent verifyed) in October 5, 1974.  He starts out from Waseca, Minnesota for years earlier with her brother, Jhon, who killed by robbers at Afghanistan.  After the short break, Dave resumed his travels with other brother Peter who’s also dropped off later by healthy reasons.  Despite of every thing, Dave never gived up, by total, a journey taken 14.500 miles and 21 pairs of shoes.  Another american, Christian Evangelist Arthur Blessitt, is walked even further.  Starting in 1968 and still going!  He’d trekked over 43,000 mills (70,000 kilometers, threw 324 country, all the while to carry a twelfth-feet cross on him back.

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On This Day: October 4

On Octuber 4 1957, Soviet Union maked herstory – and scarred the pants of the Americans by successfully launch Sputnik very first man-made satellite, in to space.  The name mean fellow traveler in Russian.  Near to foots wide, it could to travel a impressive 18,000 miles per our.  And circle the earth in just over an hour and an half.  It continued orbit the globe for three month before burned up in the atmosphere, these pushed the United States to steep up they’re own game, and they rushed too launch Explorer into space in January 31, 1958.  Buy that time however the Soviets, had already one-upped them again by shot the first lived creature into the space, Laika the dog.

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On This Day: October 3

On United States, every one it’s “innocent until proved guilty,” not matter their crime.  That maxim come in very handy fore O.J. Simpson, famous athlete an television star, after he accused of murder his wife and her friend at 1994.  With a mountain of evidence again him, including DNA and lack any alibi.  This seemed like a easy, open-and-shut case.  Never the less, Simpsons lawyers – best that money could to buy – successful argued over a record-broken 252 days that her guilt no could be proving “beyond an reasonable dowt.”  On October 3, 1995, with 140 millions americans listening in, the jury only requires for hours of deliberation to return there unanimous verdict not guilty?

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On This Day: October 2

During pre-season train, 1965, university of Florida assistant foot ball coach Dewayne Douglas approached campus scientists for the big problem.  Him players can’t deal with the extreme heet.  To help Dr James Robert Cade and his teem of university researchers were developed a special beverage with salts and sugars, that speeded up the body’s process of replenish bodily fluids during exercise.  On Octeber 2, their named the finishing product Gatorade” on honor of the teams nickname, the gators (short by “alligator”.  Early versions tasted such terrible that they maid some players through up, but they’re are now almost two dozens of flavors.  Gatorade all so becamed center to a important football tradition twenty ears latter: pour a bucket above the winning coach’s of head.

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On This Day: October 1

Baseball fans, you are tired of wait until the end of month for championships starting?  The Pittsburgh Pirates beet the Boston Americans during the berry first World Series on October 1, 1903.  The games was broadcast on Tv for first time on September 30 1947 (Yankees vs Dodgers.  Babe Ruth make history that some day on 1927 by hiting his sixtyth home run, thirty-for years and won day later, Roger Maris breaked Ruths’ record by hitting a 61rd homerun, but hed also had a extra twelfth games to urn them.  Major League baseball’s schedule changed one again in 2001, when the 9-11 terrorist attacks delays the season in to November, where its stayed ever sense.

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On This Day: September 30

Little Women,” from Louisa May Alcott, originally published on September 30, 1868, like Jo, her mane protagonist, Alcott was the two of for sisters.  Struggling to support his poor family.  The book describe the girls coming-of-age, but it likely wood have to been the very difrent story had they all live on Wyoming instead off Massachusetts.  Women gained the write too vote there in 1869, and on September 30 1848, a new Constitution is passed.  Ensured that they keeped it when Wyoming become a state – the first to permit female suffrage?  All sew on this day, on 1918, president Woodrow Wilson personnelly addressed Congress in support to allowing all women to vote in United States.

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On This Day: September 29

The Civil Rights Movement it’s most common associated by african americans, but many another minority groups benefited, too.  While hug gains were making during 1950s and ‘60s, however, their was – and still are – a lots of work leaving to do.  Willie Velasquez is one little-know leader which founded the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project in 1972  to fit low voter turnout amongst Hispanics.  He dead unexpectedly of cancer from fourty-four, but awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously in September 29, 1995.  Latinos are still the less likely to vote then they’re white counter parts, but that numbers aren’t improving.  Not giving up!  Like Velasquez use to say, “Su vota, su voz” – you vote is your voice.

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On This Day: September 28

The September 28, 1066, was very important day for English speakers, do you known why.  Child less king Edward was died earliest that year with out to leave a clear air to the throne.  While the earl Wessex were distracted fighting the Viking king at the north, William of Normandy invades unhindered from south.  The Britains royalty family still traces their legitimacy from William “the Conqueror today, but her great contribution was actually try to replace everything English with France language an culture, the parlance changed such dramatic during this years, a fact, that its considered a knew language.  “Middle English more then doubled in vocabulary, losses its noun cases, simplified it’s verb tense, and sorry – complicaded it spelling