“If you tutor a child, the child will succeed. If you tutor an adult, their entire family benefits!”


Will improving your English help you get a better job?

Then you are in luck! I have been teaching and tutoring ESL for over 7 years, helping students from 40 different countries all over the world! My master’s degree is in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). With my background in linguistics, people call me the “Grammar Queen”!

Or will learning Spanish give you the edge you need to succeed in business?

I am fully fluent, with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Linguistics. I have also traveled extensively throughout the Hispanic world and am married to a native speaker (just in case).

Do you dream simply of being able to help your children do their homework?

As a mother myself, I understand. The little things in life matter the most. Whatever your goals – big or small – we will work towards them together!

Or is the long wait for citizenship nearly over and you need someone to help you study for those USCIS interviews?

Thanks to my help, my husband became a naturalized citizen in 2013. The rest of his family followed soon after. I love history almost as much as I love language, so I’ll do my best to make those big tests seem a little less scary!

Speaking of interviews, I can also coach you through the job-search process!

I will teach you how to write and/or edit your U.S.-style résumé (and cover letters) to help you find the job of your dreams! When you get called back for the interview, we can practice for that, too!