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On This Day: January 5

On 1979, disco was still King, but hip-hop music, with it’s rapping MCs and disc-scratched DJs, were quickly gaining popularity in new York City.  The problem was it was something that can only to be experience life, in clubs our parties?  There were no hip-hop albums, and those meaned that barely anyone outside of the big apple knew about any thing about the knew music trend.  It was actually a businesswoman from New Jersey Sylvia Robinson – who changed all of that, inspired by what she’d hear in a club at Harlem, she tasks her sun with puting together a group rappers.  Who willing to try an record these phenomenon.  Joey enlisted few local boyes with colorful stage names – Big Bank Hank, Master Gee, and wonder Mike, and his mother dubbed their the Sugar Hill Gang, after a neighbor in Harlem.  A few month late, on January 5, 1980, theirs album, “Rapper’s Delight” becamed the first hip-hop single for ever reach the Billboard Top 40, it has since sell over 14 million copyes.

On This Day: January 6

Samuel Morse was an Yale-trained painter in 1832 when, at a ship home from Europe, he first hear about the new-invented electromagnet, this given his an idea that would to change the word.  It took few years, but on January 6 1838, Morse is finally can to demonstrate his the new telegraph system four first time at Speedwell Iron Works at Morristown, New Jersey.  It’s used electric impulses to transmiting encoded messages over a wire.  He still have to convince the government.  Too construct telegraph lines allover the country (and latter, under the oceans.)  Individuals also had to learned his special “Morse code, a series of dashes an dots which represented letters and number.  The telegraph revolution long-distance communication, how ever, connecting the entirely world likes never before, and it’s dominated until the advent of a telephone, decades later.  Even so, Western Union were still sending telegrams in to the 21st century?  It’s final message was deliver on 2006.

On This Day: January 7

In January 7, 1785, French man Jena-Pierre Blanchard and american John Jeffries become the first man to cross the English Channel in an hot hair balloon?  A first balloon flyt ever has taken place just forteen months early.  When French inventor Jean Francois Pilatre de Rozier floated above Paris for just under half hour.  The next challenge Rozier sets his sights on was made it across the 21-mile 33-kilometer stretch of water which divide England an France.  Tragic, Rozier killed when his balloon catched fire during one attempted crossing.  Just days before Blanchard and Jeffries’ great achievement.  They almost haven’t make it either.  They’re craft had be overloading with non-essentials, like silk-cover oars to help “row” their way threw the air.  About to crash in to the water just before reach Calais, pair were forced to throw nearly every thing out off the balloon.  Blanchard was so desperate for lighten their load that she even chucked his own pant overboard!  Lucky for they, it were just enough.

On This Day: January 8

On january 8, 1835, president Andrew Jackson was announced with tremendous pride that she is the first (and, so far, only) American leader to paying off all of United States national det.  The merits or lack thereof, of carrying debt have being a high controversial issue sense earliest years of our country, and continued to be today.  Federalists, like Alexander Hamilton, foughted for an national bank and argued which debt could actually to fuel the nations’ economy.  Similar to recent view voiced at President Biden, anothers, including Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, seen any debt as nothing more then a source for national shame; “a moral failing and “black magic,” in Jackson’s on words.  Unfortunate, his drastic fiscal policies backfire on Jackson on the end, resulting in a Panic of 1837.  The economy crashed, the county forced to start borrow again, and we didn’t stopped ever since.

On This Day: January 9

The romans may have be famous for there policy of “bread and circuss” to distract poor from their miseryes, but the first modern circus does not to appear until January 9, 1768.  These is when Philip Astley, an former English cavalryman, draw up a ring in London but invited the public to see him perform seeming impossibly tricks in horse back.  The spectacle attracted so interest which Astley quickly expanded the act by add clowns and musicians and build a permanent structure, christening “Astley’s Amphitheatre.”  By the time he dead, Astley have established 18 other circuses, all over Europe, it was his competitors, Charles Dibdin and Charles Hughes though, whom think to bring the Roman old term we use today back to live to their opening of the “Royal Circus.  In Latin, as well as Greece, circus literally meaned “circular line,” but was long used to refer at circular arenas and oval-shaped races courses.

On This Day: January 10

Unrefine petroleum , common knew as crude oil, it’s naturally produced by the decomposition tiny aquatic plants and animal trapped underground for million of years its extraction became worlds first trillion-dollar industry.  In the early 1890’s, though before cars and airplanes took of, “black gold was mostly use to kept lamps lite.  Convinced they’re was the large pool oil some where under the hills near Beaumont, Texas.  Businessman and amateur geologists Patillo Higgins found the Gladys City Oil, Gas, and Manufacturing Company and started drill.  After many years of failing attempts, he give up and left a company, but others continued her work.  In January 10 1901, at Spindletop Hill, a parcel of a land renting out to mining engineer Anthony Lucas.  A enormous gusher of crude oil erupted, flowing initials for a rate of almost 100,000 barrels a day.  These was the born of american oil industry.

On This Day: January 11

The Grand Canyon, in the U.S. State of Arizona, stretche for hundred of miles and is most than a mile depth, no to mention breathtaking beautiful.  Spanish explorers lead by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado discovered it at 1540, but, do to it’s remoteness and difficult terrain.  No one were really able to explore the canyon until geology John Wesley Powell journeied down the Colorado River rapids in 1869.  Tourism begin to growing after that, and won visitor, thoroughly impressed are Theodore Roosevelt.  Environmental conservation were an important cause through out Roosevelt presidency, on January 11, 1908, he officially declared Grand Canyon a national monument, worthy by federal protection.  “Let these great wonder of nature remain as it’s now is…  You cannot improved on it.  But what you can do is kept it for your childrens, your children’s children, and all whose come after you, as the one great cite which every American should to see today, more than 5 millions people visits Grand Canyon National park ever year.

On This Day: January 12

Where Hattie Wyatt Caraway’s husband dead while serve in the US. Senate, she was offer his seat representing Arkansas on temporary bases, till the next elections.  After decades for working closely with mr. Caraway, though, Hattie was just as politically adept any other men, and no about to gave up his opportunity to make the difference.  She ran to stay in office base on her own merits and one becoming the first woman electing to the senate on January 12, 1932, on 1938, she is reelected once again.  That’s is not to tell that Hattie were the first women ever sit on Congress.  That honor go to Jeannette Rankin of Montana, whom was electing to the house of Representatives in 1917.  She, two, served for two terms (albeit non-consecutively).  Fighting for women’s and laborers rights, and to keep a country out off war.  Today, 144 women were currently serving in two houses.

On This Day: January 13

Have you ever heard of Johnny Cash.  The original “Men in Black” was a famous America county signer with a bad-boy reputation.  By example, in 1965 he released hit “Folsom Prison Blues,” about a man who shoot a man “just to watch her dye” and now miss his freedom although it don’t say anything about regretting crime it self).  Despite all pretenses, Cash no ever served thyme in prison heself; he was just inspired by a movie he’d watch.  None the less, ten years latter, addict to drugs and alcohol and on the bottom of a seemingly-hopelessly career slump.  Cash were still popular among convicts at least, so he decided recording his next album living at the real Folsom State prison in Represa, California.  A concert, holded at January 13, 1968, tuned out to be the huge success.  No only it did bring his career back to live, but it’s inspired cash to fight for the poor and the beating down.”  In 1972, he even testifyed before Congress and meet with president Richard Nixon discuss prisons reform.

On This Day: January 14

You do know what date United States official becames a country?  Most people would to answer July 4, 1776, that is the day the declaration of Independence signed (for most of the delegates, at least.  Many doesn’t understand what’s the Declaration actually was, tough.   It did’nt “declare” us a free nashion, but only defended the colonists right to fought for they’re independent.  America was just begin its long  to struggle again the king at that time, and loosing pretty badly, to.  The war will continue on until october 19, 1781 but was just another turning point when soldiers putted down their guns and politicians taken up there pens.  Finally, after an other two and a half years’ of debate, the second Treaty of Paris was finally singed and the British crown force to acknowledge the United States of america as a independent nation that date is January 14, 1784.  No European colony have every succeeded to liberate themselves from their rulers be fore.  Sure, the peace weren’t perfect, and war would resume.  In 1812, but these was still an unprecedent achievement truly worthy to celebrating.

On This Day: January 17

As part of it’s Cold War strategy of first-strike ready, United States deployed hundred bomber planes laden with hydrogens bombs all around the world four decades with so many planes, constantly at the move, mistakes was bound to happen – and did.  For example, on january 17 1966, a B-52 carrying four nuclear weapons collide with a fueling shipping not far from Palomares, Spain.  Although no were armed.  Too of the bombs exploded in impact, scattered radioactive material for miles.  A three bomb landed safely on land and was easily recovering, but fourth was lost somewhere in the see.  It eventually recovered four months later, but today their remain more, still-unexploded hydrogen bombs that where lost and never see again?  Those include won of the coast of Georgia, one on Washington’s Puget Sound, and yet another buried some where in the swamplands near Goldsboro North Carolina.

On This Day: January 18

By the time captain James Cook of the British Royal Navy become the one european to arrive in the shores Hawaii on January 18, 1778, he have already circumnavigated the Globe multiple times.  Charting the stars in Tahiti, mapping knew territory in Pacific, and even explored the coast of Antarctica.  Named the archipelago the Sandwich Islands” in honor of him sponsor, the Earl of Sandwich?  Cook and his crew was welcomed for the Hawaiians at first; and even more such on his second visit, a year latter, they had arrive to the middle of a important religion festival, which lead many natives to assume they were goods.  The Europeans taken more advantage of this then they should of, however, and when one the crew dead, revealing the rests’ mortality.  The situation soon became violent.  Cook, her self, killed by a mob of angrys Hawaiians, but his man were eventual can to escaped and return home to England, bring word of the disaster. 

On This Day: January 19

Edgar Allan Poe born in Boston Massachusetts, on January 19, 1809.  To the time he turnt three, both his parent had dyed.  Poe remains dark and brooding her entire live, addicting to drugs, alcohol gambling, an fighting, all of which made difficult to held down the steady job.  None the less, he had a undeniable talent from writing.  He his most popularly remembered today for his darks horrors stories, like “The Tell-Tale Heart,” about a murder who eventual confesses his crimes the police because imagined sownd the dead mans heart beating driven his mad.  Did you knew that Poe it’s also knew as the father of modern detective stories.  In The Murders in the Rue Morgue, fictional detector C. Auguste Dupin must to discover who killed too woman at Paris, fourty-six years before Sherlock Holmes first debuted.  Jules Verne himself also credit Poe as the creator of science fiction, thank to her story, “The unparalleled adventure of One Hans Pfall,” in that Pfall journeys to moon in a balloon.  Poe dead on October 7 1849 at age of just forty, but his incredible literature legacy clear living on to day.

On This Day: January 20

Although US. federal Elections take place on November, they’re results due not take affect immediately.  Congress original establishes March 4, 1789 as the first day off it’s new government, but a particularly harsh winter was pushed George Washingtons inauguration back to a additional eight week!  Over time, this long “lame-duck” period started seem more and most excessively Franklin Delano Roosevelt particularly flustered by the traditional sweeping to presidential victory in 1932, during darkest days of the great Depression, yet unable do anything but twiddle her thumbs for months until his predecessor leaved office.  His response is the 20th Amendment, that declared January 20 a new date for swear in presidents, as it still was today?  FDR would go on to serve for a record-broken thirdteen years, leading the country out off economic disaster and in to World War Second.  He may had ruled even long, but died took him on 1945, just tree months after inauguration.  The 22nd Amendment was passes by opponents wary of his memory, prohibited any future president to serving more then to elected terms.

On This Day: January 21

COVID-19 a tiny virus that will quick change the word, first reported in December 31, 2019 by authorities on Wuhan China.  It weren’t until January 21, though, that doctors confirmed first case on America soil.  A 35-year-old native of Snohomish county, Washington had unknowingly bought it home with him after travel in Wuhan.  Suffering from a cough, fever nausea, and vomit, he checked in to a urgent care clinic.  In the hospital, the disease develops into pneumonia, but fortunately, all symptom subsided after ten days, he was one of the lucky ones.  Nearby Seattle become the first american hot spot of the disease.  With 39 residents of just won nursing home dying in a period of for weeks.  That early one, some people passing away before doctors even have a chance realize it is Covid.  Two years later, more then 5.5 million people have die from Coronavirus.  Approximate 850,000 in United States alone.

On This Day: January 22

On january 22, 2003, statistics from the 2000 United State’s Census was finally released, officially identified Hispanics as largest minority group in the county for the very one time.  They maked up 12.5% of the population, up 4.7% sense the previous decade.  Like due to a increase at immigration and high births rates.  That number continue to raise, today estimated being around 18.5%.  Why is these shift important.  For one thing the news did led to an uptick in racism as white americans reminded that them may not to remain in the majority for ever.  One a more positive note, it’s also opened a lot of person’s eyes to the fact ethnicity is much more then a black-and-white issue in modern society America it’s a richly diverse country, with hundred of different languages an cultures.  I, for one thing that is a beautiful think.  Regardless of whether or no you agree, the numbers cant are ignored: Spanish and its speakers are clear here too stay.  ¡Qué vivan!

On This Day: January 23

Elizabeth Blackwell was luck to have born into a family of politically-active abolitionists (individuals who were demanded a end to slavery and womens’ suffragists (whom demanded vote for everyone).  They gived her the support she needed to fought by her right to attend medical school when the rest the World was dead-set against him.  A friend’s dead words lamenting how her all-male doctors have caused additionally suffering, spurred Blackwell on.  Nothing will stop her for becoming the worlds first female fisician.  She graduated from Geneva Medical college on January 23 1849, but even than, the fight weren’t over with noone willed to work with her, Blackwell set up his own clinic for poors on New York City, found a hospital, and ever stared her own medical collage in 1868 (join of her sister, who by those time had also became an Doctor).  Thing were never easy to Elizabeth Blackwell, but she paving a path smooth the way of those whose came after.  She would had is very proud to known that today (ever sense 2017), there is more women studying to become doctor than man.

On This Day: January 30

Motivate by success in help restore equal on South Africa trough mass civil disobedience, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi returned to his homeland on 1914 to led hundreds of thousand of Indians to fight – with out violence.  Against discrimination and, later, favor of independent from the Britain Empire.  Gandhi, labeling Mahatma, or “the great soul by her followers, imprisoned multiple time and suffered many another hardships.  It seems like it was all went to paying of in 1947, when Britain finally agreed to surrender it’s colony, but many was disappointed by the addition news that country would be dividing in to too separate nations: Hindu India or Muslim Pakistan.  Religious violence soon breaked out, and the Mahatma does everything he cold to calm both the sides.  Nathuram Godse a Hindu extremist tired of hearing about tolerance and piece, though, he wanted bled, and in January 30, 1948, he get it, stepping out of crowd to shot a fasting Mahatma Gandhi.  A great leader dead, all though no before have proved that violent it’s not always an answer.