Language learners and native speakers alike: Are you ready for a challenge? I’ve made a mess of my writing and need YOUR help to fix it!

The paragraphs below each contain MORE THAN 30 MISTAKES, ranging from spelling, verb tense, punctuation… Anything’s game!

Lower-level learners, try to find at least 10 errors. Is anyone up to the challenge of fixing everything? Give it your best shot; then, check your answer on the second page. If you have any questions, send me an e-mail and I can walk you through it.

All editing challenges are adapted from (2022). Check out their site for more fun historical trivia!

On This Day: February 1

Oxford English dictionary is trust by million as one most comprehensive and accurate dictionary available today.  We is lucky to have so much reliable options to chose from now, but that is not always the case?  Frustrating for the outdated, error-ridden reference materials of they’re day, Londons Philological Society begun work on their own dictionary on 1857.  Despite initial estimating of ten ears and four volumes, the first portion were no published until february 1, 1884, and completing the finale, 125rd, printing would take near for and a half decades most.  By 1928, A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles, as the OED was originally titled.  Covered over 400,000 words and phrase, all in riches details, with unprecedentedly extensively cross-references and etymologies.  “Set” constitutes longest single entry.  Coming it at roughly 60,000 words and over 430 uses.  The dictionary currently at the process of be update for it’s three edition, is converted to an electronics version in 1984 and a online edition goes active in 2000, that good, because a complete print collection today would  weight over 137 pound!