Group Editing Challenge – Sunset of the Aztec Empire

Apex Languages now offers editing challenges for every day of the year!  Practice grammar, punctuation, spelling and much more - FREE CLASSES this week only!   How many mistakes can you find? Aztec Empire begun humbly in 1,325, when a group of nomadic hunter and gatherers decided to built a town in the middle of a lake.  They’re society growed and developed quickly.  Becoming notorious by it’s bloodthirsty warriors and humans sacrifices.  In fact the Aztecs was such unpopular when Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés arrives, the neighboring tribes are only too happy too help him.  Suspecting of being a God, Cortés was welcomed in to the capital city of Tenochtitlan at great honors, and he preceeded to kidnap emperor Montezuma anyway .  A revolt ensued, followed by a 3-month siege, and on August 13, 1521, the city fallen. A long with won of the great Native American civilizations....
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