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Group Discussion – In the News

Need speaking and reading practice more than help with your writing?  I've got you covered!  Join me and a few friends for an informal conversation to learn some new vocabulary and improve your English.  Just $5 for 55 minutes!   *3 student minimum


Group Editing Challenge – Finding Neptune

I need YOUR help to fix my mistakes.  Whether you can find them all or just one, learners from any level are welcome.  Review ALL that old grammar, punctuation, spelling, and much more ALL at once for ultimate English MASTERY (don't forget the speaking and listening practice, too).  Just $5 for 55 minutes!   How […]


Group Editing Challenge – Sunset of the Aztec Empire

Apex Languages now offers editing challenges for every day of the year!  Practice grammar, punctuation, spelling and much more - FREE CLASSES this week only!   How many mistakes can you find? Aztec Empire begun humbly in 1,325, when a group of nomadic hunter and gatherers decided to built a town in the middle of […]