I moved to North Carolina after graduating in 2015 with an M.A. in TESOL and started teaching at the local community college. I have been tutoring English-language-learners since high school.

Not only am I a highly-trained, experienced educator and linguist, but I am a language learner, too, just like you! I have studied 7 languages (Spanish, Latin, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, French, and Italian) and traveled throughout 5 continents! I know first-hand how heart-wrenchingly frustrating it is to try learning a new language, failing again and again and again. I also know what it takes to be successful!

So, why study with Apex Languages?

There are many tutoring services available in the Charlotte & Raleigh areas, but I challenge you to find anyone with my dynamic combination of experience teaching adults, extensive training, linguistic expertise, and multi-cultural awareness!